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Bid Book Book1 Marketing Ticketing


The Moscow 2012 Bid Committee estimates that the contribution to the Moscow OCOG budget from the sale of tickets to the Olympic sports events and ceremonies will total a minimum of US$ 150 million. Income from ticket sales to the Paralympic sports events will be approximately US$ 3.5 million.


Of 7.3 million tickets available for the sports events and ceremonies of the Olympic Games, at least 6 million are expected to be sold, accounting for 82% of the total.

Of 1.3 million tickets for the Paralympic Games, about 650 thousand will be sold, accounting for approximately 50% of the total. The totals given have been derived based on the preliminary competition schedule and corresponding capacities of the sports sites to be used. Additionally, the estimates given reflect the respective mandatory quotas allocated for the Olympic Family and guests of the Games. The percentage sell-out rates has been projected with due allowance for local market capacity and potential interest of foreign guests of the city.


The average ticket price for the Olympic Games sports events and ceremonies will amount to US$ 25. The breakdown showing minimum/maximum/average ticket prices for different events is given below:

  • Opening Ceremony US$115/320/240-260
  • Closing Ceremony US$105/290/200-220
  • Prime events US$35/95/60-70
  • Secondary events US$5/20/10-15

The average ticket price for the Paralympic Games sports events and ceremonies will amount to slightly above US$5, the difference in ticket price for sports events of various levels being minimal.


The above ticket prices for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies are rather high and hardly comparable to the ticket prices for other major sports and cultural events staged in Russia. However, due to their unique and historic nature, we believe that consumer demand for the Olympic Ceremonies will justify the ticket price levels.

As to the ticket prices for the Olympic events, their level both for the Olympic and Paralympic Games can be regarded as fairly reasonable.

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