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Olympic Village

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According to the estimates by the Moscow 2012 Bid Committee, the contributions (monetary and value-in-kind) from the National Sponsorship Programme to the budget of the Moscow OCOG will amount to US$ 525 million. In addition, US$ 10.5 million will be insured for the Paralympic Games budget. The breakdown of the overall sponsor participation under the programme is projected to be as follows:

Projected income from domestic sponsorship

Level of sponsorship Product category Projected income
(US$ 2004)
First level*
Petroleum/gas industry 300,000,000
Electric-power industry
Banking and insurance
Second level**
Hotels 155,500,000
Retail trade
Food processing
Third level***
(official suppliers)
Catering 80,000,000
Household chemicals
Toiletries and cosmetics
*10 sponsors, each providing an average of approx. US$30 million.
**15-17 second tier sponsors, each providing an average of approx. US$10 million.
***25-27 official suppliers, each providing an average of approx. US$3 million.

As the table shows, future Moscow OCOG sponsors and suppliers are expected to represent a variety of branches and sectors of the national economy. The categories listed are based on historical OCOG sponsorships and an assessment of the current and projected Russian marketplace.

The Moscow 2012 Bid Committee does not exclude the possibility of active involvement of local companies engaged in other industries in the marketing programme, and will welcome any sponsor support provided the prospective sponsor fits within the IOC’s sponsorship guidelines, including the protection of TOP sponsors’ product categories and the restriction of certain products and services from Olympic sponsorship.

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