Book 1
Concept and Legacy
Political and Economic Climate
Legal Aspects
Immigration Formalities
Environment and Meteorology

Book 2
Sport and Venues - Intro
    Sport and Venues - Part 1
    Sport and Venues - Part 2
Paralympic Games
Olympic Village

Book 3
Medical Services
Media Operations
Olympism and Culture


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The Olympic River concept and the unlimited potential that our beautiful City of Moscow can offer will enable us to devise stimulating and creative promotional programmes for deploying Olympic imagery and marks. The city’s high-rise buildings, numerous bridges, overhead roads, squares and avenues will provide effective and exciting opportunities for efficient promotion of the Olympic Image. The city’s architecture, both old and new, will provide memorable backdrops for the placement of Olympic symbols and imagery, similar to Sydney’s use of the Harbour Bridge at the 2000 Games.

Moscow streets, buildings and Olympic venues will be dressed in Olympic imagery by means of an inspirational banner and buildingwrap programme tied to the OCOG’s overall «Look of the Games». Utilizing the resources and guidance of the IOC’s successful Olympic Image guidelines, our «Look» will be designed to not only inspire and excite residents and visitors to the city, but also to present a vibrant image on the television broadcast of the Games. This imagery will be repeated in multiple applications including airports, railway stations and public areas within the city. The city’s parks and squares will provide highly accessible and consistent platforms for the installation of our Moscow 2012 Olympic presence programme.

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