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Bid Book » Book1 » Marketing » Measures To Prevent Ambush Marketing


The RF legislation prohibits various forms of unfair competition, including unscrupulous, fraudulent and unethical advertising. This sector is primarily regulated by the Advertising Act and the Competition & Monopoly Restrictions Act. The control is exercised by federal and municipal authorities.

To provide further measures to control Olympic sponsorship marketing programmes, the Moscow 2012 Bid Committee has secured preliminary agreements with the city authorities covering advertising at Olympic sites and in their vicinities. Advertising control at these venues will be transferred directly to the Moscow OCOG for the entire period of the Games and a month preceding them.

This will guarantee that the rights and privileges of the Olympic sponsors are properly honoured and ensure strict conformity with IOC instructions.

Control of advertising will also cover the airspace above the city, billboards, street promotional activities, the public transportation system and airports. The Moscow OCOG, in co-operation with the authorised supervisory bodies responsible for the advertising activities, will make every effort to protect Olympic sponsors’ exclusivity status within the city and at the outlying sites.

The relevant guarantee from the Moscow City Government confirming that the legislation necessary to reduce and sanction ambush marketing in any of its forms will be passed no later than June 30, 2010 has been obtained.


**US$/monthly, if not indicated otherwise.
*per 10 days

Advertising space owners/operators in the table above are privately-owned entities. Relevant binding options have been obtained.



Advertising space owners in the table above are city/state-owned entities. Relevant binding options from the aforesaid advertising space owners have been obtained.


*US$ per m2/monthly. Average rates for various types of advertising facilities and locations.

Apart from JSC Vnukovo Airport (controlled by the city authorities), other advertising space owners in the table above are privately-owned entities. Relevant binding options have been obtained.

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