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Concept and Legacy
Political and Economic Climate
Legal Aspects
Immigration Formalities
Environment and Meteorology

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Olympism and Culture


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Russia is fully committed to the principles of sustainable development and the UN programme documents on environment and development. The management of these principles is conducted by a dedicated state policy and comprehensive system of governmental bodies, including specialised agencies. The legal framework for the environmental management in Russia is comprised of the Concept on Transfer to Sustainable Development of the Russian Federation, National Environmental Doctrine, the Federal Environment Protection Law in force since 2002 and the Federal Target Program «Ecology and the Natural Resources of Russia, 2002-2010». The state regulation over this activity is carried out by the RF Ministry of Natural Resources through a system of federal agencies containing centres for environmental programmes, standardisation and monitoring, and research and educational establishments.

Observing the federal guidelines, Moscow has set up its own regulatory framework within the Moscow City Government (MCG) which includes a system of environmental programmes with an annual average cost of US$ 130 million. The major MCG bodies and other institutions engaged in ensuring an enduring ecological legacy in the City are listed in the Chart. During the 2012 Olympic Games, all of these and many other related establishments will closely collaborate with the Moscow OCOG as a whole and its Environmental and Medical Commissions in particular.

Bodies & agencies Functions & responsibilities
MCG Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection Development of regulatory documents and co-ordination of all environment related activities in the city
MCG Committee on Architecture and City Planning Environmentally sound planning of the city development
MCG Department of Land Resources Land allotments and control over rational land use
Moscow Centre of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Control Control over quality of drinking water, sanitary condition of water sites, social, communal, trade, servicing and industrial units, and epidemiological situation
Mosecomonitoring Monitoring of the city environmental conditions
Hydrometeobureau of Moscow and the Moscow Region Forecasts of weather and hydrometic and meteorological risks
MCG Office on Treatment of Industrial and Consumer Waste Management of industrial waste collection, utilization and processing
MCG Department on Housing-Communal and City Accomplishment Management of handling of solid and liquid household waste, area improvement and greenery planting
Mosvodokanal Control over quality of water supplies
Mosvodostok Control and treatment of sewage
Civil Defence and Emergency Authority Detection and resolution of emergency situations
Radon Enterprise Radiation and mercury monitoring and control
Environmental Police Prevention and suppression of environmental crime
MCG Committee on Culture Protection of cultural heritage sites, organisation of the Cultural Olympiad

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