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The relevant covenants guaranteeing the fulfilment of obligations and respect to the Olympic Charter and Host City Contract by the RF Government and Moscow City Government have been obtained.


The declaration of the Moscow City Government confirming that no other important national or international event will be taking place in Moscow itself, in the vicinity or in the other non-Olympic competition sites during the Olympic Games, or for one week immediately before or after the Games, has been obtained.


The RF legislation and the legislation of Moscow City do not contain any provisions that in any way may impede the organisation and staging of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Moscow. Furthermore, the federal and municipal authorities traditionally make every effort to facilitate holding international competitions of various levels in Moscow, including such large scale events as the Olympic Games. This policy is also applied to the law-making process that ensures due priority to sports and enables implementation of efficient organisational measures in this area.

It should be noted that the RF and Moscow City legislation in force facilitates virtually all financial, technical and legal issues relating to interrelation between the Host City and OCOG and the Olympic Family, sponsors, broadcasting companies and mass media. If required, preparation and endorsement of any additional or clarifying regulations will be provided.


Relevant documentation confirming the adoption of appropriate measures to protect the word mark «Moscow 2012» in Russia has been obtained.


The Government of the Russian Federation guarantees proper recognition and respect of the Olympic Charter and Host City Contract with regard to the legal protection of the Olympic Marks. Furthermore, the Government expresses its dedicated willingness to take all the necessary legal measures to facilitate such protection in Russia. A covenant confirming the above guarantees and obligations has been obtained.

The Physical Culture & Sports Act currently in force in Russia stipulates that, acting in conformity with the Olympic Charter, the Russian Olympic Committee shall take measures of legal protection as to the IOC’s exclusive rights to the Olympic symbol, motto, flag, anthem, and terms «Olympic» and «Olympiad» in Russia. In addition, Russia has comprehensive and effective legislation regarding the protection of intellectual property. In particular, it comprises the Trademarks Act, Copyrights Act, Patents Act, as well as the Competition & Monopoly Restrictions Act.

It should be noted that Russia is a party to virtually all major international conventions governing the sensitive area concerned, including the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property and the convention establishing the World Intellectual Property Organisation. Moreover, Russia has accumulated an extensive experience of their practical application, and her national legislation is in full conformity with the provisions of the above international covenants.


As a representative of the Candidate City, the Moscow 2012 Bid Committee is not a party to any agreements that would be in effect after the date of election of the Host City for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. As for the Russian Olympic Committee, its sponsorship agreements have been drafted in such a way that their further execution, should Moscow be elected as the Host City, would not jeopardise, prevent or make impossible the fulfilment of any provision of the Host City Contract.


Moscow 2012 Bid Committee

In order to develop the Moscow bid, the City Government, in cooperation with the Russian Olympic Committee, has established the Moscow 2012 Bid Committee. The main function of this body is to organise and oversee the activities within both application and candidature phases of the Moscow effort to become the Host City for the Games of the XXX Olympiad 2012.

The Moscow 2012 Bid Committee is an autonomous body instituted within the City Government, and its composition comprises a Presidium of 18 persons headed by the Moscow City Mayor, Yu. M. Luzhkov. The day-to-day oversight of the Bid Committee is administered by its Chairman, V. P. Shantsev – Vice-Mayor of Moscow.

Nine permanent commissions have been set up and are operational within the framework of the Moscow 2012 Bid Committee:

  • Sport Sites Commission
  • Telecommunications and Media Commission
  • Environmental Commission
  • Medical Commission
  • Security Commission
  • Accommodations Commission
  • Transportation Commission
  • Ethics Commission
  • Marketing Commission

Funding for the activities of the Moscow 2012 Bid Committee is provided from various sources, its budget for the candidature phase amounting to US$ 14.5 million. 10% of the total cited is to be provided by the Federal Government, and the remaining 90% by the Moscow City Government and the private sector.

The Moscow City Government confirms that the Moscow 2012 Bid Committee is duly empowered to represent the Candidate City. The required declaration confirming the appropriateness and sufficiency of authority given to the Moscow 2012 Bid Committee, and containing the names of the persons (indicating their titles) who have the authority to sign contracts and other documents on behalf of the city, has been obtained.

Moscow Ocog

Should Moscow be elected as the Host City for the Games of the XXX Olympiad, the Moscow 2012 Bid Committee will serve as the foundation for the establishment of the Moscow OCOG which will be entrusted with the overall responsibility for the entire process of organisation and staging of the Games.

Created as a non-for-profit institution, the Moscow OCOG will enjoy the status of an autonomous legal entity. It will be duly empowered to hold property at its own disposal, enter into contractual relations and incur liabilities, as well as appear in the court as either plaintiff or defendant. During the whole period of its operation, the OCOG will strictly honour the provisions of the Olympic Charter, the Host City Contract and IOC instructions. The Moscow OCOG will also become the legal successor of the Moscow 2012 Bid Committee, responsible for all the obligations and liabilities assumed by the latter in connection with the bidding procedure. The Moscow OCOG executive bodies will contain the representatives of the Russian Olympic Committee, IOC members from Russia, Moscow City Government, Federal Government and the Russian Paralympic Committee. The OCOG will also enjoy participation and contribution on the part of the National Sports Federations, distinguished athletes, recognised experts in sports, construction, environment, mass media, finance, law, etc., as well as prominent public figures and businessmen.

The organisation of the executive bodies and subordinate departments within the Moscow OCOG is primarily designed to ensure maximum efficiency of all its organisational units through proper coordination and control at various levels.


The English version shall prevail in the event of any difference of interpretation between the English and French texts of this Candidature File or any other documentation originated with the Moscow 2012 Bid Committee.

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