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The image of the Olympic Games transcends time. Generation after generation has looked to the Olympic ideals as a source of inspiration and hope for mankind. Each Olympic Host City has a great responsibility not only to uphold the traditions of the past, but also to instil its Games with something unique to its country, culture and people. Moscow 2012 understands this important duty, and our experience with the 1980 Olympic Games is a clear example of honouring and adding to the Olympic tradition.

Public awareness of the Olympic Image is consistent and strong throughout Russia. The values of Hope, Friendship, Fairplay, Dreams and Inspiration resonant across all cultures and will of course play a dominant role in our Olympic image. Moscow 2012 will utilise an integrated communications programme to promote both our Games and the Olympic Movement. The Moscow 2012 image within Russia combines the classic Olympic values with the concept of Russian unity and pride. These particular concepts are vital to our Olympic image in that they help us express the role and promise of our «new» country.

Our image promotional plan will incorporate both paid and VIK media assets and will consist of television, print, radio, internet and outdoor activities. Our commercial partners will also play an active role in the promotion of the 2012 Games and we will endeavour to work closely with them on their 2012 Olympic and promotional programmes. Internationally, Moscow 2012 will work closely with the Federal Agency on Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Tourism Committee of the Moscow City to undertake a global promotional campaign aimed at highlighting the 2012 Games and Russia as increasingly popular tourist destination. We will also undertake a series of public relations activities utilizing various Russian sports personalities, artists, and celebrities in cities around the world to promote the 2012 Games.

The media are one of our most important constituencies as they help convey and communicate the Olympic message around the globe. It is therefore imperative that Moscow 2012 institute a consistent and meaningful media strategy during the seven years leading up to the Games – not just at Games time. Moscow 2012 will hold regular media briefings, media familiarization trips as well as offer an array of information assets, including electronic via our web site, to keep the media fully updated on our plans and progress. One of the greatest challenges for an Organizing Committee is the management and coordination of promotional messaging over a seven year time frame. We will have many communications partners, both commercial and non-commercial, and we must concisely enunciate our message to ensure Moscow’s vision is well communicated.

Accordingly, the needs and interests of the media and broadcasting companies will be an important focal point. This will be reflected in the establishment of a special media-infrastructure (see Theme 16 «Media Operations»). Furthermore, developing this infrastructure and ensuring its efficient operation will become one of the major challenges for the OCOG.

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