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Paralympic Games
Olympic Village

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Olympism and Culture


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Moscow is one of the world’s cultural capitals. The city is internationally famous for its theatres and concert halls. It is also home to celebrities representing cinema, theatre, literature, dance and pop music. In addition to an ongoing and vibrant day-to-day cultural life, Moscow annually plays host to dozens of large scale national and international cultural events, concerts and festivals. Moscow has a long history of staging large-scale city festivals celebrating Russian culture and traditions. Our history is rich with many cultural influences which range from the steppes of Asia Minor to the shores of the Arctic Ocean. Muscovites are eager to open their homes and hearts and share this unique and deeply varied heritage with visitors from around the world.

The range of Russian cultural expression extends from its classical forms, perhaps best exemplified by the Bolshoi Theatre and the Chaikovsky Concert Hall, world famous Moiseev and “Beriozka” (Birch Tree) dancing groups to its modern pop culture. Our 2012 Cultural programme will combine both the well-known and also surprising aspects of Russian culture with various cultural traditions and expressions from around the world.

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies are the most emotional «bookends» of the Games and they serve to remind us of our collective humanity and the fraternity amongst nations. The Ceremonies offer a Host City the opportunity to place its own emotional «stamp» on Olympic history and they serve as memorable expressions of its Games. Moscow has a unique opportunity to marry the rich and varied cultural tapestry of Russia with the bold new ideals as embodied in a new nation, the new Russia.

The Olympic Torch Relay, Welcome Ceremony at the Olympic Village, and Medal ceremonies will be conducted in full respect of the IOC protocol. The Flame Cup of the Russian main Olympic Stadium will keep vigilant guard with dignity and deep respect to the traditions of Olympism over the Olympic Flame during the unforgettable 16 days.


As has been mentioned earlier (see Themes 1 and 8), the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games are intended to be staged at the Olympic Stadium of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex. This venue was used for the 1980 Olympiad, and served as the central stadium and the venue for staging the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of those Games. Since that time it has undergone significant renovation including a new roof over the grandstands. The venue is regularly used to host both major sports competitions (football, athletics) and large scale cultural events. By the 2012 Olympic Games, it is intended to be further renovated to meet the increasing technical requirements applicable to sports sites. It will also meet all the IOC requirements pertinent to the venues where the Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies are staged.

The Luzhniki Olympic Stadium is located on the Moscow River, 8–10 minutes of travel time from the proposed site for the Olympic Village. It has convenient access to all city public transport including the waterway. The venue seating capacity is 80,000.


The Moscow-2012 is committed to using every opportunity presented by the Olympic project implementation to enhance the spirit of Olympism and communicate the Olympism ideals among the younger generation.

In Russia, physical training is an integral part of school curricula at all levels. We are pound that the Russian school curriculum already includes lessons concerning Olympic history and philosophy. In the years leading up to the Olympic Games these programmes will be additionally supplemented by special Olympic topics.

The Olympian Speakers Programme will provide an opportunity for students to interact with Olympic athletes and learn about the ideals and values of Olympism.

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