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Bid Book » Book3 » Transport » Network (2004/2012)

Moscow boasts a well-developed, dense motorway and road network providing efficient opportunities to get about the city. The network is continuously expanded and upgraded to meet the increasing requirements of the Moscow economy and its residents.

The city roads arrangement is based on the radial-ring system of motorways and major urban arterial network. There are currently four ring roads in Moscow, the inner-most belting the city’s historical centre, and the outer-most largely coinciding with the city’s administrative boundaries. The ring roads are connected by numerous radial avenues and highways supplemented by a vast number of the Moscow River and Yauza embankments. The above road infrastructure will play a key part in the transportation planning for the Games and provide for both main and alternative routes. The use of minor roads will be minimal in all cases.

It should be noted that by 2012 the Moscow motorway and road network will be further expanded (see 14.1) and appreciably upgraded. Accordingly, this will facilitate the creation of an efficient Olympic routes system, streamlining the overall traffic flow in the city.

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