Book 1
Concept and Legacy
Political and Economic Climate
Legal Aspects
Immigration Formalities
Environment and Meteorology

Book 2
Sport and Venues - Intro
    Sport and Venues - Part 1
    Sport and Venues - Part 2
Paralympic Games
Olympic Village

Book 3
Medical Services
Media Operations
Olympism and Culture


Bid Book Book3 Transport Authorities

The key responsibility for managing transport activities during the Games, including the implementation of the Olympic Transport Plan, will rest with the Moscow City Government Transport and Telecommunications Department. The Department will exercise its authority in close co-operation with the Moscow OCOG and respective agencies and organisations. Of these, the Moscow Traffic Police and major city public transport operators (Mosgortrans, Mosavtotrans, Moscow Metro, etc.) will be assigned central roles.

The Moscow City Government will manage the integration and coordination of all parties involved from the strategic planning phase and up to the end of the Games. For this purpose, special units directly engaged in preparation and staging of the Games will be introduced within the transport agencies and organisations. These units will maintain ongoing interaction with the Moscow OCOG Transport Department. In addition, interagency expert groups will be utilized to promote the solution of the most complicated problems.

A transport and traffic management command and control centre will be created in Moscow to ensure overall successful implementation of the Olympic Transport Plan. The centre will closely monitor the entire situation pertinent to the Games-related traffic and carry out the necessary planning. The centre will be operated under joint authority of the Moscow City Government Transport and Telecommunications Department and the Moscow OCOG.

The respective guarantee of the Moscow City Government has been obtained.

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