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Bid Book Book3 Transport Main Objectives

The traffic management and performance during the Olympic Games will solely focus on its major task to ensure successful implementation of the Olympic Transport Plan. In particular, the following key measures are intended to be introduced:

  • Ensuring proper conditions for unhampered movement of dedicated transport catering for the needs of the Olympic Family and the media, as well as the vehicles of the OCOG, sponsors and suppliers
  • Special priority traffic treatment of emergency services vehicles engaged in connection with the Games
  • Rigorous traffic accident and other risk control at all Olympic routes with timely technical and other necessary support provided in case of emergency
  • Particular consideration for traffic conditions at the public transport routes (all modes) utilized to transport spectators to competition venues
  • Developing a logistics plan (main and contingency) for the movement of Games-related goods and cargos with the organisation of such traffic flow at night-time

The traffic management at Games-time may certainly involve a number of challenges resulting from the scale and special features of the Olympic transport effort, as well as the requirements to its organisation. Nevertheless, due to a particular system of measures (see 14.17), the appropriate solutions appear to be quite feasible.

It should be noted that our Olympic Transport Plan envisages special emergency arrangements anticipating any technical, weather and other risks. The arrangements concerned comprise reserve fleet and rolling stock, alternative routes planning and provisions for proper preparedness of the emergency and technical services. The overall flexibility and maximum interaction are the key factors for administering the transport system involved. This directly depends on the operational efficiency of the transport and traffic management command and control centre (see 14.20) which will be a key area of focus during the preparation and staging of the Olympic Games.

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