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The Moscow historical centre, which includes the Moscow Kremlin Ensemble and Red Square, has been chosen as the Olympic Games centre. This location is the historical heart and soul of the City of Moscow and indeed all of Russia; in fact, it is the point in Moscow from which all distances throughout the country are measured.

The main hotel cluster is situated within or in direct proximity to the area and includes the IOC official hotels. Consequently, all the respective maps will show distances to the hotels counted from the city centre, i.e. from the Kremlin.

Moscow’s main Olympic stadium – Luzhniki – and the Olympic Village will be situated 5-6 km south-west and west from the city centre respectively, while the most remote sports venue – the Klyazma Sailing Centre – within a radius of 50 km from the Olympic Village and the city centre. The majority of the sports venues are located within a radius of 15 km from the city historical centre, emphasizing once again the unique feature of our compact Games concept.

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