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Olympism and Culture


Bid Book » Book3 » Security » Activist Minorities And Terrorist Groups

Russia operates a vast and efficient crime and terrorism prevention network of law enforcement professionals. Russia is party to all pertinent international treaties and agreements dealing with the prevention and containment of crime and terrorist activities. According to the Russian security and law enforcement data, current risks related to the activities of terrorist and extremist groups and communities (religious, ethnic, etc.) in Moscow are fairly comparable to those observed in international cities of similar size.

Mindful of terrorist threats of an international scale, national authorities are cognizant of the need to co-operate in security matters internationally. The Russian secret services interact and exchange data with their counterparts in many other countries, including leading democracies. In addition, Russia takes a prominent part in the activities of Interpol.

One of the major challenges of Russia’s internal policy is to forestall any acts of terrorism and extremism. Accordingly, the responsibility for public security lies with a number of key law enforcement and secret services which have their own anti-terrorist units. These agencies are put under direct control of the RF President.

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