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There is no practice of teaching hospitals in Russia as it is customary for Western Europe and North America. Nevertheless, the Russian medical education is closely related to the practice since the departments of medical universities are situated at active medical establishments.

In Moscow 293 departments of the universities concerned and specialised research centres are located and operative at 76 medical establishments of the city’s health care system. Virtually all major city clinics are somehow involved in the medical education system. Some of the most famous and largest city hospitals, as well as a number of those accommodating departments (including physiology and sportsmedicine) of Moscow leading universities, are given in the tables below:


Hospital name Distance from Olympic Village (km) Number of beds Number of departments Heavy equipment
Botkin City Hospital 6.5 1,827 67 Available
Sklifosovsky Emergency Medicine Research Centre 10 918 62 Available
Pirogov City Hospital 9.5 1,435 66 Available
City Hospital No. 4 12.5 890 15 Available
Ostroumov City Hospital 12 1,101 21 Available
City Hospital No. 50 10 1,161 21 Available
City Hospital No. 67 1,782 8 66 Available
War Veterans’ Hospital No. 2 22.5 1,180 19 Available
Total number: 8   10,294    

Hospitals accommodating departments of medical universities

Hospital name Distance from Olympic Village (km) Number of beds Number of departments
Central Research Institute for Traumatology and Orthopaedics 13.5 419 12
City Hospital No. 1 8 347 18
Filatov City Hospital No. 15 21.5 1,540 34
City Hospital No. 55 10.5 720 12
Total number: 4   3,026  

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