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Sport and Venues - Intro
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Paralympic Games
Olympic Village

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Medical Services
Media Operations
Olympism and Culture


Bid Book » Book3 » Medical Services » Moscow's Health Care System

The Moscow medical and health care system is a major complex comprised of numerous hospitals, polyclinics, specialised dispensaries, consulting, diagnostic and research centres, first aid stations and other medical establishments (more than 1600 in all). Most of these are directly subordinate to the Moscow City Government Health Care Department. However there are also entities belonging to the system of the RF Health Care and Social Development Ministry, other ministries and authorities, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and private institutions. The total number of hospital beds available in Moscow exceeds 81,000, and these are deployed across the city in conformity with the distribution of population. In addition, 4 major medical universities are located and active in Moscow.

There is a wide diversity of departments in Moscow’s health care institutions that employ high-skilled personnel of all medical specialities. Some of the city medical centres, including Russian Cardiology Research and Production Centre, Vishnevsky Surgery Centre, Bakulev Cardiovascular Surgery Research Centre, Sklifosovsky Emergency Medicine Research Centre, etc., are wellknown not only in Russia but internationally. Furthermore, Moscow boasts a number of outstanding doctors (Renat Aktchourin, Evgheny Chazov, Vladimir Shoumakov, etc.) whose names are well familiar to the global medical community.

The Moscow clinics are provided with all essential specialised equipment and devices. Many medical establishments have advanced apparatus of higher complexity for diagnostics and treatment of the most complicated diseases. In certain instances such facilities are unique.

A thorough and efficient emergency system has been created and functions in Moscow. It guarantees provision of first aid services in any emergency situation. The system is under permanent development and improvement along with the rest of the city’s health care infrastructure, thus ensuring a steady growth of its efficiency.

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