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Medical Services
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Bid Book Book3 Medical Services Hospitals Available To The Olympic Family

A number of the leading and largest hospitals of the city have been selected jointly by the Moscow 2012 Medical Commission and the Moscow City Government Health Care Department to ensure the best possible medical services for the Olympic Family. There are totally 4,927 beds in the designated medical establishments, and they are provisioned with everything necessary to provide a complete range of medical services, taking into account possible specific requirements of those participating in the Games. Particular treatment and resources will be provided for the unique needs of Paralympians.

Respective information is given in the table below:

No. Hospital name Constituent group Number of beds Distance from Olympic Village (km) Travel time by car (min)
1 City Hospital No. 7 Athletes 1.560 18.5 25
2 Filatov City Hospital No. 15 Athletes 1.540 21.5 29
3 Botkin City Hospital IFs/NOCs/IOC 1.827 6.5 9

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