Book 1
Concept and Legacy
Political and Economic Climate
Legal Aspects
Immigration Formalities
Environment and Meteorology

Book 2
Sport and Venues - Intro
    Sport and Venues - Part 1
    Sport and Venues - Part 2
Paralympic Games
Olympic Village

Book 3
Medical Services
Media Operations
Olympism and Culture


Bid Book Book2 Olympic Village Olympic Village Construction Responsibility

The Village will be built by a private investor who will be responsible for complying with the main financial, technical and legal requirements. The investor will be selected by tender. The tender procedure, its terms and conditions will be established by the city authorities.

All construction and preparation works will be constantly supervised by the Moscow City Government Department for City Planning Policy. To date, a preliminary basic design for the future complex has been developed and the required environmental impact assessment carried out (see 10.3). The final architectural design will be proposed by the investor based on the agreed essential treatments, as well as on applicable construction industry standards.

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