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Efficient and convenient accommodation for sports delegations at the Games is a key variable for their success. Thus, a comfortable Olympic Village meeting all the IOC requirements will be built in Moscow to serve this purpose.

The Village will be located in the ecologically-friendly area in the north-western part of the city, on the Moscow River bank. The Village will cover about 80 hectares, with most competition and non-competition sites, including the Olympic Stadium, IBC/MPC and Media Village, within 15-20 minutes travel by bus.

The Village will be built in an area currently not in use, and specifically intended for development and rehabilitation by the Moscow City authorities. By 2012, the land will be converted into a picturesque green space with housing and all necessary infrastructures, communications and services. The proposed location will ensure quick and easy access to the city transportation system, and the dedicated Olympic transport – buses and mini-buses – will secure maximum convenience and minimised travel time to airports, Olympic venues, the city centre and its major sights.

Particular attention will be devoted to the organisation of the transport mall, parking lots, essential service and technical units. The streamlined operation of the service staff will be designed to enhance the Olympic Transport Plan. The easy connection of the Village to the city transportation system will also make the provision of various city services and Village staff access efficient and worry-free.


General Inrormation

The Village will be a state-of-the-art residential complex built in conformity with the most rigorous ecological standards. It will be fully fitted and equipped to provide the sports delegations with optimum environment for living, resting and training. Specially trained personnel will be on hand to serve the athletes and supplement the service and leisure facilities. The apartments will be finished to the highest standards. Security will be a top priority. Our aim will be a totally safe ambience without the safeguards intruding into the athletes’ leisure environment.

A holistic approach to design and construction will provide the most relaxing surroundings and enhance training facilities.

Total floor space of 795,000 m2 is planned. The Village will be divided into the Residential zone and the International zone, in conformity with the IOC requirements. Fifteen multiple-level buildings, 3-22 stories each, all equipped with up-to-date noiseless elevators, will form its basis.

Residential Zone

The Residential zone will take up the larger part of the Village and include the following facilities:

Accommodation for the sports delegations
Total floor space of the athletes’ apartments will amount to 664,000 m2, providing accommodation for 20,000 people. Each standard apartment will comprise 2-4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a spacious living area (with a TV, radio and telephone), fully equipped kitchenette and a storage area. All rooms will be airconditioned and provided with special dense louvers for privacy.

A round-the-clock continuous hot water supply will be guaranteed. Separate housing will be provided for women and men. All requirements regarding total raw floor space per resident and minimum surface area per twin-bedded room will be met.

NOC units
Some 200-205 NOC units are planned. Each unit will be located on the ground floor of the same building that accommodates the delegation concerned. Total floor space of the units will be about 15,000 m2.

All IOC requirements and recommendations as to the number of rooms, their purpose and floor space will be observed. NOC services and sports information centre The facilities considered will be placed in immediate proximity to each other and occupy the total of 3,000 m2.

The floor space of the polyclinic will amount to 3,000 m2. Dining facilities Total floor space of the dining halls will be 11,000 m2. In addition, about 3,500 m2 will be allocated for the cooking staff and storage areas.

Workshops and storage areas for NOC delegations
Total floor space allotted for workshops and storage areas will be some 11,000 m2.

Staff for the Village
Total floor space of the quarters for the staff (resting, showering, dining and other facilities) will be more than 7,500 m2.

Training area
The Village’s training area will include a swimming pool, gym, tennis courts and football field. Total area will be 20,000 m2.

Leisure centre
With 7,000 m2 of floor space, the centre will include a movie theatre, games rooms, disco hall, internet cafe, conference room, as well as other services and entertainment facilities. Worship and meditation areas will be also located here.

Internationl Zone

The Village’s International zone will comprise the following key sites:

The Square of the Five Rings
This 22,000 m2 area has been designed as a centre-place for the cultural activities to be held in the Olympic Village. Welcome ceremonies will also take place here.

Shopping centre
The shopping centre will occupy around 7,500 m2. In addition to the numerous shops, the centre will also accommodate a bank, post office, beauty salon, barbershop, hairdresser’s, travel agency, drycleaner, restaurants and a photo laboratory. The site will also be a showcase for TOP and local sponsors to display their products and services.

Logistics centre
Floor space of this centre will total 11,000 m2.

Servicing of vehicles area
This area will comprise maintenance services and a holding lot for buses temporarily out of use or in reserve, as well as vehicles used on-site. Total area is 9,500 m2.

Post-Olympic Use

After the Games, it is intended that the Village apartments will be sold for use as private residential property. The remaining facilities will be converted to provide leisure, commercial and other services for the private housing. Wherever possible, functions provided during the Games (shops, etc.) will be retained to serve the private housing.

The Moscow City Government has full confidence in the project’s commercial feasibility and revenue earning power.


Since the Village will also be used for the Paralympic Games, it will be designed and equipped to meet the special needs of people with disabilities. The aim will be maximum convenience combined with maximum safety. The Paralympic Village will accommodate 8,500 people, including 2,500 wheelchair-users.

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