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Concept and Legacy
Political and Economic Climate
Legal Aspects
Immigration Formalities
Environment and Meteorology

Book 2
Sport and Venues - Intro
    Sport and Venues - Part 1
    Sport and Venues - Part 2
Paralympic Games
Olympic Village

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Medical Services
Media Operations
Olympism and Culture


Bid Book Book1 Letters


Dear Mr President, Dear IOC Members,

On behalf of the Moscow City Government and all Muscovites, I would like to assure you of our unwavering desire to host the Games of the XXX Olympiad and of our willingness to make every possible effort to ensure their success.

To that end, the Moscow City Government will provide the most advanced transport, engineering, hotel, service and other necessary infrastructure required. Moscow will have a well-developed and unique set of Olympic venues that exceed all the IOC and IF requirements.

The city will also offer our guests many opportunities to enjoy world famous cultural experiences and traditional Russian hospitality. Moscow has distinctive characteristics that make it an intriguing choice to host the 2012 Olympic Games. Our 850- year history and Olympic legacy from the 1980 Olympiad provide a unique perspective for our people, and an appreciation of the power of the Olympic Dream to unite mankind. Should we be chosen, Moscow is ready and I am certain you will find no better partner than my city to take on the honour and responsibility of hosting the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Thank you for this most historic opportunity.

Mayor of Moscow Yu.Luzhkov

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