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Concept and Legacy
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Legal Aspects
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Dear Mr President,
Dear IOC Members,

In the spirit of great enthusiasm and hope, I am honoured to express my full support to the Moscow bid for staging the Games of the XXX Olympiad.

Russia and the city of Moscow have a wealth of experience in the field of international and Olympic sports competition, and we have been a loyal partner of the Olympic Movement for almost a century. Nothing would honour our new nation more than hosting the 2012 Olympic Games. The Moscow 2012 Olympic Games would provide significant momentum to the unprecedented changes already taking place in our country and society. Our nation’s long history is rich in diverse cultures and traditions. Yet through the years, our people have remained united in an unyielding belief in the promise of the future and respect for all mankind.

One of the distinctive features of the Russian character is our centuries-old tradition of cordiality and hospitality. Russians love to open their hearts and homes to guests and we hope to have the honour of welcoming the entire Olympic Family and guests from around the world attending the 2012 Games. In closing, I commit to you that my country will undertake every effort to ensure that the Games of the XXX Olympiad are an unqualified success. I believe that this success could be our common achievement.

President of the Russian Federation V.Putin

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