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Concept and Legacy
Political and Economic Climate
Legal Aspects
Immigration Formalities
Environment and Meteorology

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Sport and Venues - Intro
    Sport and Venues - Part 1
    Sport and Venues - Part 2
Paralympic Games
Olympic Village

Book 3
Medical Services
Media Operations
Olympism and Culture


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This volume gives a detailed overview of the entire support and ancillary infrastructure that plays a very important role in ensuring effective and safe staging of the Olympic Games in full conformity with the IOC requirements.

Moscow possesses a modern health care system and a welldeveloped, extensive network of preventive and curative medical establishments of virtually every profile, as well as educational and scientific institutions that ensure both continuous training of professionals and a proper provision of health services to the city’s population. The City has many world famous clinics specializing in various health conditions, providing the latest in diagnostic and treatment services. During the Olympic and Paralympic Games specific medical centres in the system will be made available to the athletes, members of the Olympic Family, media and guests.

Moscow 2012 considers security issues to be of paramount importance, and has developed a comprehensive programme for ensuring security during the Games in full conformity with the IOC requirements. Both City and Federal agencies continually monitor potential risk factors which may affect the population. The key responsibility for security during the Olympic Games will be entrusted with the RF Ministry of the Interior. Additionally, substantial security functions will be performed by the Federal Security Service, Civil Defence and Emergencies Ministry, and a number of other federal and municipal bodies.

The Moscow hotel sector has a current capacity of some 39,000 rooms and continues to grow. Within the next several years it will exceed 69,800 rooms thus enabling Moscow 2012 to guarantee the best possible accommodation opportunities for all accredited visitors, as well as Russian and foreign tourists during the Games. The top-level constituent groups (IOC, IFs and NOCs) will be provided accommodation in direct proximity to the Moscow Kremlin. Construction of additional hotels beyond those currently planned will not be necessary.

The Media Village, to be built near the International Broadcasting Centre and the Main Press Centre, will provide accommodation to all accredited media representatives and convenient travel arrangements to the Olympic venues and city attractions. Moscow has a well-developed transport infrastructure that is continuously expanded and upgraded, including the metro and ground transport that provide every opportunity for any travel arrangement necessary to get around in the city. The basic principle of the city transport organisation is the radial-ring arrangement of the metro lines, main motorways and the road network. Currently there are four ring roads in Moscow. The function of main radial routes is performed by numerous avenues and motorways supplemented by embankments of the Moscow and Yauza rivers.

By 2012, the Moscow road network will be further expanded and upgraded. This will significantly improve our planning potential and enable us to create an efficient system of routes for Olympic transport, providing both main and alternate options.

Telecommunications is one of the most dynamic sectors of both the Russian and Moscow economies. The federal and city authorities have been aggressively promoting the flow of investments into this crucial sector. This has made the industry fully prepared in terms of both capital and technology to implement conceptually new projects. The Moscow telecommunications sector provides a wide variety of services, including fixed telephony, data transmission, mobile telephony, paging, Internet, multimedia, trunk type telephony, TV broadcast, etc. The transmission channels and technical facilities required for provision of and support to the above services are available at virtually all the city sports venues.

A new state-of-the-art IBC and MPC are planned for construction in Moscow to ensure the best working environment for all accredited media covering the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic sports and cultural events. The sites concerned will be located in direct proximity and within walking distance to the Olympic and Media Villages.

The IBC will be fully fitted and equipped, including communications and engineering facilities, to guarantee an optimum environment for the operations of the OBO and broadcasters. A diverse system of service and ancillary facilities, reliable security systems and ample parking will be available on-site to ensure its maintenance and provision of services for the personnel working there. Furthermore, the dedicated media-transport and optimal links to the overall city transport system will guarantee convenient and fast transportation to the Games competition venues.

The MPC will have fully fitted and equipped work rooms for journalists, a photo centre with a photo laboratory, offices of media and publishing agencies, a press-conference hall (of 1,000 total seating capacity), a communications centre and other media infrastructure facilities. The information made available to the accredited media will be provided via specially designed computer network with terminals installed not only within the MPC but also at all main Olympic venues.

Moscow is one of the world’s cultural capitals. The city is internationally famous for its theatres and concert halls. It is also home to celebrities representing cinema, theatre, literature and dance. In addition to an ongoing and vibrant day-to-day cultural life, Moscow annually plays host to dozens of large-scale national and international cultural events, concerts and festivals. Muscovites are eager to open their homes and hearts and share our unique and varied cultural heritage with visitors from around the world.

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Games are intended to be staged at the Grand Sports Arena of the historical Luzhniki Olympic Complex. This arena was the site of the Ceremonies for the 1980 Moscow Games.

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