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Our country, both as the former U.S.S.R. and now the Russian Federation, is a great sporting nation. We have been an active and successful participant in the Olympic Movement for almost 100 years; 2012 will mark the 100th anniversary of the first Russian Olympic Team at the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games and Movement hold a unique place in the hearts of all Russians. Over the course of our nation’s history, the Olympic Games were often our best and only opportunity to reach out to other nations and share the common bond of humanity. For Russians, the Olympic Games bestowed a gift beyond the glories of sport; often it provided, however briefly, a window to the world and a sense of fraternity with our fellow man.

A country is shaped by its past but not necessarily forever bound by it. Russia’s future is being written by a people seizing the new opportunities of personal and economic freedom. The ideals to which we aspire are deeply rooted in the concepts of Olympism. Concepts such as fairplay, participation for all and friendship are the basis for a stable and healthy future. The Moscow 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will serve as an example to the world of the progress we have made as a nation and, hopefully, as an encouragement to others.

Russians know firsthand how the Olympic Games can affect an entire nation. We were honoured to host the world in 1980 – but that was another country, another place and another time. The memory of the 1980 Olympic Games is still a source of immense pride for Russians. We hope that the Moscow 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will welcome all athletes from all nations to our city.

Many cities compete to host an Olympic Games yet few can be winners. We believe our bid has all the elements for success. Moscow’s Olympic River concept is unique in the history of the Olympic Games. For the first time, all Olympic events will be held within the limits of the Host City. Our compact plan along the Moscow River will greatly enhance the Olympic Games experience for all athletes, Olympic Family, media and spectators. A great majority of our facilities are already built, ensuring an affordable and sustainable Olympic legacy for our city and nation. Moscow has unparalleled experience in hosting large international sporting events. We have both the infrastructure and unassailable experience necessary to host a risk-free 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Moscow is also a city of significant cultural heritage and traditions. As home to many of the world’s greatest writers, poets, musicians and thinkers, our city abounds in museums, theatres, and galleries to suit every taste. Moscow is also one of the world’s fastest growing municipal economies and has recently become one of the world’s favourite cities for food, fashion, shopping and nightlife.

As our emerging nation matures, we recognise our responsibilities for maintaining a sustainable and healthy environment for future generations. Progress and growth must be balanced by prudent decisions regarding our planet’s precious and limited resources.Muscovites already enjoy more green space per square-metre than in any comparably sized city in the world. The Moscow 2012 Olympic Games will serve as an example of our commitment to these principles and set new standards for our environmental future.

Finally, if a people’s desire is an indicator of its preparedness to host an Olympic Games, then Moscow is truly on the starting block. Ninety per cent of Muscovites want the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Moscow. This parallels the commitment of the City of Moscow and Russian Federal governments, both of which have made all the necessary financial and regulatory commitments required by the IOC.

A nation and its people are bound by common ideals, principles and geography. Our hope is that the Moscow 2012 Olympic Games can help to extend this common bond to all nations. The sixteen days of Olympic Games competition provide mankind with a glimpse of how life on earth could be, how it should be, if all of us believed in and lived by the Olympic ideals.

The people of Moscow, and indeed of all Russia, will deliver a magnificent Olympic Games to the world in 2012. We will do so by honouring the traditions of 3,000 years of Olympic heritage and blending the uniqueness of Russian history, culture and traditions with the Olympic ideals to inspire future generations of mankind.

We are grateful and honoured to present our Candidature File for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Letter Of Support By President Of The Russian Federation

Letter Of Support By Chairman Of The Russian Federation Government

Letter Of Support By Mayor Of Moscow

Letter Of Support By President Of The Russian Olympic Committee

Russia is the world’s largest country, stretching across ten time zones, from the Pacific Ocean in the east to the Baltic Sea on its west coast. Our vast country unites two continents and has served as a cross-road of East and West for many centuries. Russia’s modern society is rich with a variety of multifaceted traditions, unique cultures, religions and beliefs. And today, as our country emerges as a new nation, we fully embrace and look forward to sharing the Olympic ideals with the world in 2012.

During the 1990s, Russia experienced a tumultuous period of social and economic change, while transforming itself into a democratic state and free market economy. As the new Russia enters the new millennium, its political, societal and economic situation has stabilized, and the country is expecting steady economic and personal income growth going forward.

Moscow is the Federal Capital and the country’s largest city. Moscow’s bid for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games has secured the full economic support and all necessary guarantees of both Federal and City authorities. An overwhelming majority of the city and national population supports the bid. There is no political or environmental opposition to the bid.

Moscow offers one of the most compact Games plans in Olympic history; all Olympic events will be held within the limits of the Host City – even sailing. The competition venues are located along the city’s major water-way – the Moscow River. The compact nature of this plan, which we call «The Olympic River», will ensure minimal travel times for the athletes, Olympic Family, media and spectators.

The Russian Federation Government and the Moscow City Government fully accept and respect all provisions of the Olympic Charter, and commit to observe all provisions of the Host City Contract. The acting Moscow 2012 Bid Committee is structured according to the IOC’ sguidelines and should Moscow be elected as a Host City, the Bid Committee will be reorganized into the Moscow OCOG. The OCOG will be fully authorized to carry out its functions and obligations, fulfilling all IOC requirements. All related guarantees have been obtained.

The relevant authorities of the Russian Federation and Moscow City will take all necessary measures to ensure efficient entry of Olympic Family members and other Olympic officials in the implementation of their duties before, during and after the Games, as well as the duty-free importation and exportation of goods required under the IOC mandate.

Moscow 2012 is fully committed to the principles of environmental sustainability. Issues related to the environment are managed in accordance with official government environmental policy at the federal and city levels, environmental legislation, environmental bodies of the state and city government, and the recommendations of specialized scientific and educational institutions, where appropriate. During the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Moscow OCOG will closely collaborate with all environmental governmental and nongovernmental organizations following the ISO 14001-based Environment Management System and the Action Plan on key-points.


Moscow’s vast areas of green spaces help to ensure its air quality; almost 1/3 of the city area consists of forests, parks and gardens. The temperate continental climate of the Moscow region provides very favourable climatic conditions for sporting events in the period planned for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The gentle terrain has no significant differences in altitude. The altitudes of most of the Olympic venues average 120-160 m above sea level.

Moscow 2012 has designed a well-balanced operational plan for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The plan is based on the IOC’s recommendations regarding budget and expenditure minimization, as well as the available experience of past Olympic Games organizers. The expenditure section of the Moscow OCOG budget provides for operational costs only. The Moscow City Government guarantees the payment of any financial shortfall associated with the Games, if one should occur, as well as securing the funding for the OCOG’s expenditures during the pre-Games period. In addition, financing of the capital costs of the Games beyond the OCOG’s budget will be provided by a combination of the City Government and private investors.

Moscow 2012 has signed a preliminary agreement with the Russian Olympic Committee on the Joint Marketing Programme. The Russian Federation legislation contains no restrictions as to any sponsorship product or service categories. The Moscow OCOG will implement a marketing and promotional campaign to maximize international awareness of the 2012 Games, while providing exclusivity protection to the IOC TOP and Russian domestic sponsors. All sponsors’ rights will be protected via strictly enforced anti-ambush legislation.

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